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Journey of the Fool

  • Dec 3, 2016

The word materialism carries a strong connotation to it. I think of egocentrics flaunting their success. Beautiful stars obsessed with their appearance. Corporate fat cats counting their cash (beautiful alliteration I know). The idea is comical. It’s like an over-exaggerated cartoon personality. A trait I would never associate with my own character.

Though the essence of materialism: identifying with anything other than intrinsic worth, is deeply rooted into our culture.

We’re flooded with superficial beauty standards, driven by our need to successful. Our lives are so cluttered by materialism it’s far too easy to get lost in it. There’s always something happening, something to do, to achieve. Time continues to flow on by, and then we wonder where it all went.

The end results are routine. The mid-life crisis at 40 years old. The impending crow’s feet and dark circles. Plastic surgery and motorcycles can only ease a mind for so long. When the euphoria fades, what do we have left?

Is this it?

A simple question, but the hardest in this life to answer. The one we’ll always have more time to consider.

The Journey of the Fool is a familiar road. It’s a path of long contemplation. It’s lined with reflection and divergent thinking. It’s messy and full of mistakes, weakness, and hope. It demands a relinquishing of control, an honest understanding that we can’t understand everything. It’s recognizing that maybe we don’t know as much we think.

Contemplating the meaning of life is trite, but it’s something we all wonder about. It’s inescapable. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or on our death bed, we’re forced to recognize an uncomfortable truth – that our time on this earth is short-lived. And although the time, place, and length may differ, this Journey is one we all walk in time.