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Dance of the Butterfly

  • Apr 23, 2016

Windfall’s first collection is titled Jade Butterfly. The series revolves around the concept of mutual understanding. It’s a subject matter quite personal to me, but it also lays a solid groundwork for the ideas to come.

I’m sure my experiences as a child are quite similar to yours. Growing up with a bona fide sense of wonder; thrown into this unfamiliar world with no instruction manual. Life is a beautiful journey in which we find our own personal truths; discovering for ourselves what truly matters in life. What brings us joy?

We all share one thing in common: a longing for genuine fulfillment in our lives. We’re taught from quite a young age what will give our lives meaning. We’re flooded with tales of romantic love, rags to riches stories, perfect beauty and global fame. What will people remember me for when I die? What makes my life meaningful?

Our lives are interconnected by this mutual search for fulfillment. We are born into the world with an intrinsic sense of purpose. And no matter our race, gender, social status, we all have traversed the weary path of understanding; coming to terms with who we are. And our journeys aren’t nearly over.

We’re all one-of-a-kind, born into unique environments with unique predispositions. This context has a tremendous influence on our growth as individuals. So why are we so slow to consider the environment we’ve all grown up in? The early experiences we’ve had as children trying to find our place in the world. All culminating into the soul searching, inner turmoil, sought dreams and brokenness of the person next to us? Just like me and you.

No matter how different our brothers and sisters seem from us, we’re just playing with the cards we’ve been given.

Through maturity we gain a fresh perspective on our individual flaws and capabilities, our obstacles and opportunities. We develop an image of our ideal self and strive towards it. We strive towards something we feel like we can achieve, because deep down we all just want to be happy. We want to successfully reach our shared goal: to live fulfilling lives.

So we adjust our values accordingly. It seems our identities are finally firm and established. Maybe our soulmate never came but hey, we launched our own business! Or I may not be the prettiest daisy in the bunch, but I’m way smarter than everyone my age, who cares what I look like? We find something attainable to establish our identity in. Not just to be happy, but to keep our sanity.

But no matter how much we try to fool ourselves, it’s never right, and it’s never enough. It always seems to be something just out of reach that would make us happier.

We can’t help but identify with materialism because that’s what we’ve been fed our entire life. America in particular is wholly defined by external validation and consumerism. But if we find fulfillment in anything external, have we really come to terms with who we are deep down? If we simply find fulfillment in that which we find realizable, have we really addressed the fundamental issues?

Never stop searching for answers. Keep exploring, continue learning, stay humble, and through it all, know that you are not alone. We all question our purpose, trying to make sense of the world we live in. But that’s what unites us as human beings.

That’s what makes this wild ride all worthwhile.

Living in a culture obsessed with fame and fortune,
we seek happiness through these definitions of success.

But when we associate self-worth with anything external,
we develop an unstable, distorted perception of ourselves.
we overlook our intrinsic value and lose sight of true beauty.

Mainstream media preys on our insecurities.
leaders build us up in division and hatred.
yet they only follow a culture we maintain,
that we have created.

If we continue to let these ideals shape the lens
through which we see one another;
through which we see ourselves,
we fail to reach our God-given potential.