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New Beginnings

I’m tired of the same rehashed ideas and designs again and again. Trends are popularized, get played out, then die. It’s the way of the fashion industry, and more so it’s an essential concept to grasp if you want to make it. But if a brand establishes its footing on a trend, where’s the originality?

Typically you have to innovate, be creative, differentiate yourself in some regard to earn respect and longevity (albeit often you just need a little luck). But I’ve found that with success, brands abandon their roots. Their designs are reduced to lazy lackluster concepts, regurgitated logo prints made for cents on the dollar.

First and foremost, clothing brands are a business. We want to cut costs, increase margins, reach new demographics. Running any successful business takes an incredible amount of time, focus, and effort. That initial hunger, that drive for creativity gets lost in the noise.

But there is always a balance to be achieved between concept and aesthetic.

This isn’t a revolutionary idea. Larger brands in particular have more than enough resources to do it, and on occasion, they do. But it simply isn’t a priority for a company with a coherent aesthetic, strong branding and a loyal customer base. It’s unnecessary.

It’s unnecessary because we’ve been conditioned to respect established brands. After a certain point, brands needn’t put as much effort into their releases because we’ll buy them regardless. So we end up in a marketplace saturated with lifeless designs, driven by both company supply and our consumption habits. Why supply if there’s no demand? If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

Yet some of the greatest streetwear pieces of all time were ones that pushed the boundaries; that shed light on relevant issues; that held strong social commentary. Brands are so reluctant to lose potential sales that they rarely say anything of substance. And we don’t expect them to. We’ve lost touch on both sides of the spectrum the impact a thoughtful design can really make.

Windfall is my effort to have a voice and make a change. I’m still learning, I’m still making mistakes, but it’s all a journey and this is just the beginning. I hope for this to bloom into a diverse community of individuals, a joint effort towards spreading unity and love in the world. I pray for this to become something greater than just me.

I truly believe it’s possible, and that a simple t-shirt can make all the difference.