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Art is more meaningful when it tells a story…
but if art isn’t captivating, its message means nothing.

Clothing is our brand’s canvas for art – to create meaningful designs not just to be admired as a painting on a wall, but something you can style and give your own personality to.

Embedded into each design are our truths.
We invite you to participate in the journey.

much love.

In the search for answers,
I have found that I am not alone.

living in a culture obsessed with fame and fortune,
we seek happiness through these definitions of success.
but when we associate self-worth with anything external,
we develop an unstable, distorted perception of ourselves.
we overlook our intrinsic value and lose sight of true beauty.
mainstream media preys on our insecurities.
leaders build us up in division and hatred.
yet they only follow a culture we maintain,
that we have created.
if we continue to let these ideals shape the lens
through which we see one another;
through which we see ourselves,
we fail to reach our God-given potential.