Hollywood Long Sleeve Tee


🎊 back by popular demand 🎊
In honor of the legendary Anna May Wong (1905 – 1961), the first Asian American actress to make it big in Hollywood. Check out her story here. This one's a 7 color process screen print, not DTG direct to garment. Tough to make, but it feels and looks damn good.
Fits true to size. Size up to loosen it up a bit.

“Wong was a silent-film demi-star, a European phenomenon, a cultural ambassador, and a curiosity, the de facto embodiment of China, Asia, and the 'Orient' at large for millions. She didn’t choose that role, but it became hers, and she labored, subtly, cleverly, persistently, to challenge what Americans thought an Asian or Asian-American should or could be — a challenge that persists today.”
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