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Road to Enlightenment

  • Apr 23, 2017

The human experience is really us just trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. How to derive meaning from the world (if any), and how we can find purpose in life.

This idea is illustrated in Korean culture through the white tiger. Folklore describes the life of a tiger overcoming earthly trials and tribulations. And through that, gaining a more mature understanding of the world. As a tiger reaches enlightenment, it sheds its color and becomes white.

Enlightenment is a rather weighty word. Whether you’d prefer to call it fulfillment, joy, salvation, the pursuit of happiness, we live our lives in pursuit of shared meaning. To reach some sort of conclusion. Even if that conclusion is that there’s no meaning at all.

Our lives reflect our personal truths, which affect how we interact and react to the world. What decisions we make and what values we hold most dear. In many ways, truth connects us, yet it’s so often used as a point of contention. Rather than acknowledging the common goal, we fixate on our separate paths. We hold our own conclusions as fact, despite our entire lives reflecting an evolving worldview.

In this life, we’re all looking to lose our color. This is a shared journey, with different beginnings end endings. Truth is of the utmost importance, and deserves a lifetime of honest pursuit.

Learn from one another. Edify one another. And love one another.
Find truth together.

개구리 올챙이 적 생각도 못 한다.
The frog cannot remember his time as a tadpole.